Slim Throws a Surprise Party for his Beautiful Wife

Slim Throws a Surprise Party for his Beautiful Wife

Stevo here, President and Owner of Stevo79, the #1 event space in Miami.

It was an amazing Friday night at Stevo79 last night. Our client Slim threw an over the top surprise party for his beautiful wife. Friends and family gathered early as to not tip off the birthday girl to what was awaiting her inside. At 8pm she arrived and Slim met her outside to get her through the front door security. Meanwhile,  inside, her closest friends and family came to a complete silence as she unknowingly approached the entrance to her party, all the while thinking she was simply going to an upscale nightclub. She entered the building to an eruption of Happy Birthday. With perfect timing, the DJ played ” in da club” by 50 Cent. ” Go Shorty, it’s your birthday, we gonna party like it’s your birthday “,  And that is exactly what everyone did until way past midnight.

The main lounge at Steve 79 was decadently decorated as usual,  hues of blue and pink lights cascaded off the walls, while white candles throughout set the vibe.  Custom cocktails were served up while the only thing that was deeper, and more penetrating then the bass from the 90s hip hop and R&b that permeated the main area, was the love and adoration from Slim and the crew for the Birthday Girl.

When the night was over and I asked Slim what he thought, he said “no words, bro”. That’s what we like to hear.

Gm Suzie Once again delivered a flawlessly executed event from start to end, fulfilling all dreams and expectations.

All In all, it was a typical Stevo79 event.

Grateful 🙏



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