Rebbeca’s Bat Mitzvah

Rebbeca’s Bat Mitzvah

Rebecca is turning 12 and 75 of her friends and family members showed up to party down at Stevo79, Miami’s #1 choice for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs!

The 70’s themed Party started outside, but when Mother Nature tried to intervene, the party quickly moved indoors and never skipped a beat! In fact, it got even crazier! The sound system and ultra club atmosphere indoors, transformed the party from melow outdoor festival to 70’s disco inferno! The kids went absolutely bonkers! What a Party!

We asked Rebecca what was her favorite part and she said ” The owner Suzie Budin made me feel like a real star, whatever I wanted, she made it happen!” She then added “I loved my special day”.

That’s what we do at Stevo79. We make your day Special! Another dream comes true at Stevo79, Miami’s premiere event space for private parties.



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