Prom Watch 2024

Prom Watch 2024

Rashanti & Felix had an Amazing Prom Watch Party at Stevo79, Miami’s legendary event space in the heart of the city. Everything was on point as the decadance of the moment echoed through every inch of the space. Everyone looked magnificent as they danced and celebrated their big night in total style.

From the moment the party started, Rashanti & Felix arrived in a Horse and Buggy, and nobody was expecting that!

I mean.. wow!

At that point it was on! What a event! Ive never seen anything like it. And these weren’t ordinary kids, these Ladies and Gentlemen were some of the finest examples of our city’s best young adults and future leaders. We at Stevo79 were honored and privileged to serve them on this incredible night!

Congrats class of 24! You did it!


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