Pimps Up – Hoes Down

Pimps Up – Hoes Down

Stevo here, President and Owner of Miami’s #1 Event Space, Stevo79. It was another amazing Saturday night in da club last night as Maya celebrated her birthday, Pimps and Hoes style. With everybody dressed to the nines, and the music taking center stage, everyone Danced and partied till 2am! There was a spirit and excitement throughout the night that not even the monsoon rain could dampen.

The party moved completely inside by 11pm showing the flexibility of Stevo79 and our ability to adapt to the sometimes uncooperative South Florida weather. In the end, the good times rolled and Maya owned the night. We appreciate the opportunity to Service our community and we are grateful that everybody had a great time.

Suzie, our GM, worked all day with Maya and her designer to transform the space and absolutely no detail was overlooked. If you are looking to throw a party at Stevo79, you can contact Suzie at [email protected].

See you soon!


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